Sza Teases with New Clothing Line

With a caption reading, “Who tryna save the ocean” you would think singer, Sza, would be the next advocate for saving the whales or trying to stop pollution.

SZA revealed her latest line of Ctrl-inspired merchandise on Instagram, borrowing decorative designs from previous collections that have featured multi-colored text and Champion branding for that athletic look.


The new line includes hoodies and sweatshirts embroidered with colorful sayings like “Puck Flastic” and “Sustainability Gang,” as well as t-shirts and tanks with whales, seahorses and rainbows.

sza 1

100% of the proceeds from the collection will go towards sustainable efforts geared towards protecting the oceans. Under the newly formed company Ctrl Fishing Co.  Follow her new company on Instagram to find out when her latest merchandise goes on sale.

Update: Sza recently has stated that Ctrl Fishing Co. is an nonprofit organization supporting sustainable efforts for sea life.

The Sonya Guide

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