Maliibu Miitch Empowers Women

Bronx-based rapper Maliibu Miitch makes slick, unapologetic music about her daily life, her relationships, and her feminist politics. She had a big year last year, dropping a mixtape and two critically-acclaimed singles, “4 AM” and “The Count.” Her success is hard earned: She’s been working in the industry for years, having been signed to Ruff Ryders and Island Def Jam before eventually joining Atlantic Records this year.

Miitch is all about uplifting other women: her last project, Maliibu Miitch Top 5 remixed hits from Foxy Brown, Lil’ Kim, Lauryn Hill, Missy Elliott, and Eve. She has also started her own label to represent and uplift female talent. The rapper signed her cousin and her best friends, saying that she knows the importance of bringing her peers, the people who can best understand and tell her story, with her on her journey to the top.

Miitch’s music video for her song “Give Her Some Money” showcases throughout the video, women working hard to earn money dancing, working at a restaurant, and making music. At the end, Miitch gives her female waitress a handful of cash, and a quote appears on screen reminding the viewer, “There is no force stronger than a bond between women.”  Lookout for Maliibu’s new project coming out in August called, The Count.

Follow her on Instagram: @MaliibuMiitch



(Original Article is by Vrinda Jaota for Paper Magazine:

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