Cashmere Nicole Has The Right Recipe

Cashmere Nicole has the keys to the Bakerie.


What started off as Nicole’s artistic outlet, quickly transformed into a growing business selling its sweet and savory products worldwide. Drawing inspiration from her love of everything sweet and having zero beauty industry connections, Nicole created a range of functional makeup for busy women. Relying on a social media presence and a direct-to-consumer business model, Beauty Bakerie became profitable in a few years.

After being diagnosed with breast cancer, she felt a need to channel her hardships into something meaningful. That feeling of living on borrowed time has inspired Nicole to make her company one that pays its success forward.


Today, Beauty Bakerie is a rapidly growing, multi-million dollar cosmetics company selling in over 60 countries online and in a few brick and mortar locations worldwide. Now engaged in retail partnerships with Forever 21, Riley Rose and internationally on QVC, HSN and Sephora, Beauty Bakerie is taking over the cosmetics world 💄.


The company has a team of 25 employees across 3 facilities in San Diego, CA, and has been recognized by top tier publications such as Cosmopolitan, Huffington Post, Teen Vogue as a 2016 Beauty Game Changer, Essence, Elle, Buzzfeed and many more!

Beauty Bakerie caters to makeup-loving customers that are our favorite combination of sweet and savory. By going cruelty-free, their bakery-inspired line includes best-selling products ranging from liquid lipsticks, setting powder, and illuminators to eyebrow gel, eyeshadows, and eyeliners.


Beauty Bakerie is proud to inspire the beautiful faces of the various skin tones and ethnicities that span over 100 countries.With a motto of “Be Better, not Bitter,” Beauty Bakerie not only preaches positivity, they act on it.

Beauty Bakerie’s commitment to being better reaches through their engagement on social media with their positive messages and compassionate donations to charities worldwide.


That mindset has resonated deeply with customers, and in turn, Beauty Bakerie has also caught the attention of investors. In November of last year, the company secured $3 million in seed funding from Unilever Ventures, 645 Ventures and Blue Consumer Capital. “We have been impressed by Beauty Bakerie’s e-commerce-led model and consistent digital growth, as well as the strong engagement of the brand’s millennial consumer base,” said Anna Ohlsson-Baskerville, Director at Unilever Ventures.

Shop Beauty Bakerie online at:



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