“We express ourselves in our music as real as we know how.”

City Girls’ anticipated documentary Point Blank Period arrived August 30, 2018 and here’s your first look. Produced by their record label — Quality Control Music — and Mass Appeal, the documentary follows the story of the Miami-born rappers as they leave their humble beginnings in Florida and are rapidly thrown into the hip-hop spotlight.

City Girls photographed on May 14, 2018 in New York City.

The documentary reveals the ladies journey of dealing with instant fame, their reaction to Drake collaborating with them for Scorpion‘s “In My Feelings” hit (which is still the No. 1 song in the country), recording their debut album Period and Yung Miami preparing to hold down the team as JT gets ready for her jail sentence.

In the preview clip below, the City Girls get real about the pressures weighed upon female rappers in a male-dominated industry and how they are staying true to their fiery, provocative selves without the shadow of a man. “Back in the day, I feel like the only reason those girls were able to get all the shine they were getting was because Biggie Smalls was bringing out Lil Kim, JAY-Z was bringing out Foxy Brown and Ludacris was bringing out Shawnna,” JT explains.

You can watch the Point Blank Period documentary in full on the City Girls’ YouTube channel. “We’re excited for our fans to get a look inside of our lives, to get a chance to see the real us, our families, our trials and tribulations.”

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